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by Jason Kramme

“I haven’t been a teenager for decades!”

“I don’t know enough about the Bible.”

“What if they ask me difficult questions?”

“Wouldn’t they want someone younger than me to be a leader?”

These are just some of the points of self-doubt that creep into the hearts of people considering being a mentor to a group of students. Some people worry about what they are going to say. Some really believe they’re too old. In fact, most people can think of a lot of reasons to not take this ministry.

But then there is Brian. Brian has been leading the same group of senior guys since their freshman year of high school. There’s probably a fair number of people who know more about the Bible than Brian. There’s also a lot of people who are a lot younger than Brian. But there are very few people who have cared about a group of guys as deeply. Brian knows about their successes and failures. He knows what’s going on with their families. He knows their hopes for the future. Brian knows them.

What we’re looking for in a mentor is someone who will care for young people. Brian Fergason has done that for many many years and we are thankful for him because of it!

Are you called to mentor our young people? Contact me by email or at 952-898-9387 if you want more information.

Jason Kramme is the Family Ministry Director at Prince of Peace

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