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by Amy Oestreich

Times like these are trying for us all. We are out of sync with our usual routines and certainly are missing that face to face connection with people we see on a regular basis. However, staying in community with one another is more important now than ever! So as your Community Life Director, each week I want to suggest ways you can be connecting with others. Many of these ideas are probably things you are already doing or have heard of but I just want to share some ideas with you:

First, a more “techy option” is video conferencing. There are so many good platforms out there, most of which are FREE, that you can take advantage of to video call one another. Here are few great platforms:

Most of us have access to at least one of these and I’d challenge you to try them out! There are great tutorial videos out there for you to learn how to access each one as well. My small group has met the past couple weeks with Google Hangouts and, while it can’t replace in person interaction, it has certainly been a great time to socialize together.

Second, group text or email is another great way to stay connected! You can share pictures, funny stories, prayer requests, recipes – whatever else you can think of. A text or email from someone can make a huge difference my day – so let’s join together and make a difference!

Third, we have created a BINGO board for you to download as a (.pdf) or (.jpg). This Called to Connect BINGO was designed to help you think outside the box and consider other people in your sphere of influence that you can reach out to. We can all use a word of encouragement or simply a hello these days and reaching someone you maybe haven’t talked to in a while might be exactly what they need! We want to challenge you to utilize the BINGO board over the next couple weeks as you continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus for those around you.

SO, what were those 3 things again? Video Conferencing, Group Emails or Texts, and Called to Connect BINGO. Pick one, jump in on all 3 – whatever is going to work best for you. I can’t wait to hear stories of how you’ve connected with one another during these times. God’s going to do some amazing work through us all! Seek out that community, friends. We all need a little support right now!

Join me Thursdays on the Prince of Peace Facebook page for a new Called to Connect challenge. We will have more ways you can connect with one another and grow in Community! See you then!

Amy Oestreich is the Director of Community Life at Prince of Peace. 

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  • Faye Wallsten

    The BINGO board is genius! I had already started a list of people to contact during this time but BINGO made it more fun! And you win a “prize” every time you make a contact.

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