Called to Connect Weekend: Land and Building Announcement

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Written by Pastor Jeff Marian

About two years ago we launched a new vision at Prince of Peace to become The Connecting Church, a body of Christ committed to collaboratively providing hope and wholeness to all people south of the river, with special focus on children, seniors and people in poverty.

As we began to live into that new vision we also began to think about how to best steward the 23 acres and 2 buildings that make up our campus. Both buildings are aging and in need of significant repairs that are estimated to cost between $4-5 million, and so we began to wonder aloud if repairing these buildings was our only or our best option as we consider our future.

I’d like to show you where our wondering has led us:

This whole process has been challenging, revealing and incredibly fun! So, let me fill you in on the latest:

About a month ago our architects came back with designs for four options that were presented to the core group. All four designs were exciting but the initial estimates for all four projects came in significantly higher than anticipated and more than we felt we could wisely manage financially. So, we sent them back to the drawing board, but just a couple of weeks ago they brought two more innovative and exciting designs. Both designs address the majority of our core objectives and are financially feasible.

So, what’s next? Here’s the tentative schedule:

  • On October 6 our Land & Building Core Team will come to consensus on a final recommendation to our Board of Directors.
  • On October 18 our Board of Directors will hold a special meeting to pray about and discuss that recommendation.
  • Then, at the November 1 Board meeting the Board will vote on the recommendation.
  • During the first few weeks of November we’ll be holding open meetings for the entire congregation to gather, hear, discuss, question and give input.
  • Depending upon how those conversations go we could have a congregational vote on the recommendation as early as the weekend of November 26-27.
  • If there is an affirmative vote on November 26-27, and if all the stars align…we could break ground on that project recommendation as early as June 2017.

But remember, this is a tentative schedule with a lot of “ifs.” The leadership of this congregation is more interested in doing this right than doing it fast!

In the meantime, I would ask you to pray – to pray for the Spirit’s wisdom and guidance. We want to make decisions that are going to honor God and bless this ministry for generations to come. I would ask that you stay informed about upcoming open meetings and participate. Your input matters and it’s needed. We are Prince of Peace together.

I want to leave you with four quick thoughts that I think are important as we move forward together:

  1. No final decisions have been made. Your input still matters in this process.
  2. Many faithful disciples have been prayerfully involved in this process. The recommendation that they bring forward will be the one that they believe will be in the best interest of God’s ministry here at Prince of Peace, both for tomorrow and for future generations.
  3. Our financial health has been a key factor in this process. We’ve spent a lot of time, energy and resources getting financially healthy again. Six years ago our debt maxed out at $4.45 million. Today, thanks to God’s grace and your generosity, our new debt total is $488,000. We’ve worked hard to eliminate that debt because it was hindering ministry and there was no plan for paying it off. Any debt that we incur moving forward will be for the purpose of moving ministry forward and will include a sustainable plan for repayment.
  4. Anxiety is normal. It’s a natural response to change and uncertainty. Let’s help one another.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

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