Called to Connect Weekends: Stepping into Leadership

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stepping-into-leadershipby Jason Kramme

Life moves fast. Less than a decade ago I was still in college trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now I’m married, have two kids, a dog, and a career that I love. I think the most striking change that has happened in me during those years is that my perspective on how I fit into the community, whether it is my family, my work, or otherwise, has shifted from “guest” to “facilitator.”

I don’t just eat dinner anymore, I cook supper for the family. I don’t just fulfill my job description anymore, I write them. I don’t just see myself as a passive observer of the systems around me, I see that I have a role in facilitating and shaping them that affects their future. I’m a facilitator. I wish I would have learned that sooner.

A key component of the Called to Connect weekends is that we are inviting our children and teens to step into leadership, being facilitators of the life of this church. In doing so, we have an opportunity as a congregation to honor their leadership in our lives together. We have an opportunity to move them past being “guests in our church” to our future leaders in training.

I wish I could say that I just instantly came to the conclusion that I needed to be a facilitator in these areas of my life. I didn’t. I had to learn to do that through trial and error and the wisdom of others. I think that sometimes we assume that our kids will also instantly come to the conclusion that they are the facilitators of the future of this church. I’m not convinced that that is how it works.

That is why I want to challenge you to take the risk, the chance, the opportunity to notice, speak to, commend, and encourage what the kids are doing in our worship services on these weekends. Help them connect the dots from their offering to our future. Because, you know as well as I do, life moves fast.

Jason Kramme is the Family Ministry Director for Prince of Peace.

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