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byobibleBy Dr. Mark Slaughter

Do you want to know more about the Bible? Are you overwhelmed by the vastness of the Bible? Does the Bible sometimes seem irrelevant to what’s happening in the world today? We have just the thing for you. We’re preparing a new way to engage in the Bible – with your OWN Bible. Beginning on September 10-11 we are asking everyone to B.Y.O.Bibles. That’s right, bring your own Bibles to worship. We will be starting the new cycle of working our way through the Bible, beginning with Genesis. Together we’ll explore the depths of God’s Word through worship. Our preaching pastor will help you navigate your very own Bible by underlining and circling important words, significant passages, and key events.

Each week on the back of our worship bulletin there will be a 5-day Scripture reading guide that will highlight the weekend passage and other corresponding passages. This will allow you to daily unlock the truths of Scripture and apply them to your life. You can read these as part of your personal devotional time or as a family. If you forget to bring your Bible, we will have the red Bibles available along with pens for you to make notes. Together let’s unlock this valuable resource for growing in our knowledge of the character of God and the love God has for each of us. The results will be spiritual aliveness that will carry us through every season of life.

Dr. Mark Slaughter is the Minister of Worship Arts at Prince of Peace.

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