Building FAQ: Part 2 of 3

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We’ve been collecting questions over the past several weeks in regards to the Land & Building process and will be answering them in a series of three posts. We are continuing our series with questions regarding ministry.

Are there additional services that Mission Outpost will offer in a new space (i.e. continue finding new needs to meet – latest is dental clinic)
All of our ministry areas have been asked to plan space for future needs, as much as is known today, along with flexibility to adapt to needs we haven’t yet identified. In the near term we anticipate the ongoing work of Mission Outpost to continue, but in more efficient, welcoming space.

How will CDLC be affected? Will the remodel affect school year of CDLC? Will CDLC be open in the summer?
CLDC preschool should see little or no impact in the next school year. The addition would be constructed first, with limited impact on the preschool program. Remodeling of preschool space would ideally be completed in the summer. Space would be available in the new addition or even in the Christian Life Center if needed.

What ministries will be affected by the construction process? Will it be necessary to cut programs?
All ministries would continue during construction. The architectural firm and all of the potential general contractors have extensive church construction experience and understand how to stage the work around our ongoing needs. Those who lead our ministry areas know that we will need to be flexible about use of space, but intend to continue all of God’s work that we do together.

How is $14-$17M going to impact people in poverty; children; seniors?
Ongoing ministries will continue as planned. Funding for new and renovated space will come from capital campaign contributions, current capacity in the budget for debt and potential lease or sale of the Christian Life Center building. We would not take on more debt than we could responsibly handle. Resources will continue to be available for our vision work. Our new space would provide a more welcoming presence for those in need, and a more efficient Mission Outpost to serve the community. New and renovated space for Family Ministry will provide greater technology to enhance learning and worship. The building will also provide easier access and wayfinding for seniors. The enhancements to the functionality of the Mission Outpost will be the most direct impact for all three categories.

Whatever happened to the concept of the “missional church?”
“Missional Church” is the idea of creating groups of 30-40 people, especially young adults, who would live intentionally UP with God, IN through Community & OUT for the World. Several pilot groups were established at Prince of Peace, but none of them thrived. We determined that it was not a functional model to build upon, but the concepts we learned in the process have been invaluable to growing our small group ministry…which is thriving.

Today when we talk about “Missional Church” we are focusing upon the whole church, as well as each small group and individual disciples, seeking to live UP, IN & OUT.

Would we worship somewhere else during the transformation process?
There are no plans to worship offsite. For a short time we may find an alternative site on campus for worship, if needed.

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