Building FAQ: Part 1 of 3

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We’ve been collecting questions over the past several weeks in regards to the Land & Building process and will be answering them in a series of three posts. Today we are starting with questions regarding facilities, staff and scheduling.

What will happen with the Christian Life Center building?
The Christian Life Center Building will continue to be used during construction, providing ongoing ministry and administrative space, as well as providing alternative space as needed for Worship Center activities during construction.

How can the work be accomplished without seriously disrupting our current activities and membership?
Construction would begin with the addition to the Worship Center, allowing us to use most of the rest of the space in the Worship Center building, even during construction. We are blessed with alternative space in the Christian Life Center (CLC), if needed during construction. Phasing of construction will be carefully planned to minimize impacts on ministries. Because the addition would be completed first, it will provide additional ministry space, along with the CLC building to give ample space while other parts of the Worship Center are being renovated.
Special care will be given to the timing that may impact CDLC, so that preschool may continue uninterrupted during the school year. Likewise, work on the Sanctuary space will be planned around our liturgical schedule. Completion of the new addition as the first part of our construction will provide alternative chapel space that may also be used for worship during the main Sanctuary remodel.

The trees have grown – can we make the cross tower taller?
Landscaping is a part of the new construction work, and may impact what is planted near the Cross Tower. The tower still extends significantly above the current trees.

Will there be security cameras?
There will be a number of technology upgrades with construction, and upgrading security will be a part of those changes.

Questions about the kitchen appliances for CDLC and youth pizza night, etc.?
We have heard a strong desire for more efficient, upgraded kitchen space, and have shared this with the architect. We have also discussed what needs to have proximity to the kitchen for most effective use of the space.

Will staff grow or will we lose staff?
There are no immediate plans to change staffing levels. Our new space, though, needs to be designed to accommodate different needs in the future.

Why was everything said “all about us”?
For nearly a decade we have emphasized our mission of focusing outward on the needs of the community. More recently we have also sought to focus on the spiritual formation of each disciple so that our service in the world comes from a heart deeply connected to Jesus. We have invested very little time or resource into our facilities in the last decade. While our outward focus will certainly continue, the physical needs of our campus are also important tools for this Body of Christ to accomplish the mission we’ve been given. In addition, little of what happens on our campus is “all about us.” We regularly host events that address the needs of the larger community, such as the school district, Fairview Health and various support groups. And while our Mission Outpost is available to serve members of Prince of Peace we, along with The Salvation Army, serve all of Dakota County.

Are we going to have a space where our retirees can come to play games like sicklebill, badminton, volleyball and then have an adjacent “sticky” space where they can socialize?
If funds were available it would be wonderful to have a gym space for kids and adults of all ages, but given the scope of the current project and the financial resources that we anticipate being available, we believe that a better option is to share space with other community partners such as the YMCA.

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