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Interviews by Ron Bergerson

The annual Prince of Peace Mega Sale runs Thursday, August 27 to Saturday. August 29th. This is the 25th year Prince of Peace has hosted the Mega Sale. Each year, volunteers accept and sort donations, set up sale rooms and greet community members who come to get a good deal.

Who are some of these amazing volunteers?

Pat Melby has volunteered at the Mega Sale since day one and plans to go on as long as she is able to. She feels this event provides for one of the best ways to meet people and says it feels like a family reunion when the volunteers turn up for another year. She and husband, Clayton, feel that the sale is a great way to recycle youngsters sporting equipment they have outgrown and Burnsville parents must certainly know that to be true. She knows that two couples from South Dakota plan their vacation to coincide with the Mega Sale which goes to show that the sale isn’t simply a parking lot affair.

Diane Burrow is another Mega Sale longtime volunteer; close to 20 years she estimates. She feels she gets more than she receives whether serving the shoppers or working alongside other volunteers. She IMG_6675feels God is present at the sale in very small moments and at unexpected times, visible in a kind word or deed. For Diane, the sale is not about all the stuff associated with Mega Sale but rather about people wanting to serve others and to be a part of something greater than themselves.

Linda and Woody Vareberg have been volunteering at the Mega Sale for about 7 years and feel it is a great way to give back to the church and community. For them, the rewards are many and it is an event they enjoy being part of. They have made wonderful friends while volunteering. They see God’s presence all around, in the willing attitudes and smiling faces of fellow volunteers and in the thankful, enthusiastic shoppers who come from far and wide to find that special treasure. They appreciate that the proceeds benefit our community, locally and globally.

Terry Kieffer with 19 years at the Mega Sale still maintains the “feel good” sensation helping those who are not as fortunate. He likes connecting with lots of different folks, not only the volunteers but also those who come to shop. He believes volunteers care a great deal about the end benefits that the Mega Sale provides, namely donations of money and goods to various charities and social service agencies. He feels that God energizes the many volunteers with extra strength and endurance during the many hours they serve before and during the sale.

This year, Rich and Maxine Peters are volunteering for a third year. They were a little afraid to get involved as they didn’t know what was required of them. It didn’t take them long they said to discover there was nothing to fear as other volunteers were friendly and helpful. They spend most of their time in pictures and frames, but have also worked wherever they were needed. They find it quite satisfying knowing they are taking something unwanted and turning it into a positive asset for charity or a treasured commodity for a new owner.

IMG_6619Twyla Johnson has been volunteering at the Mega Sale since day one; a quarter century. Why? Because she has the time and enjoys helping others including many stints with Habitat for Humanity. She said she comes away from volunteering with a sense gratitude knowing that she may have made a difference in someone’s life. She also loves seeing the smiling faces of those who purchase something they had been searching for – or maybe something they didn’t even know they needed. Twyla serves as coordinator for the holiday décor section with help from a few members of her family and five others who are members of other churches.

Although Sue Chan is moving to Florida after serving as a volunteer for many years at the Mega Sale, Feed my Starving Children, Mission Outpost and several mission trips, she says she will always be grateful for the time spent with other volunteers. Volunteering nurtured new friendships for Sue while allowing her a chance to give back to the community. She says she will always remember the laughter, the friendships made, her deepening of faith and the satisfaction she received.

JoAnn and Gary Kelly have a combined total of 34 years as Mega Sale volunteers. Both enjoy volunteering at the sale because of its main purpose: helping others along with numerous community charities. They say the rewards working with like-minded people, making new friends and contributing to a cause they believe in is very satisfying. They both feel that God is visible in the faces and attitudes of not only the countless and unselfish hours hundreds of volunteers put in but also in the beaming faces of those shopping and many exclaiming happily, “I’ll be back next year!”

Now is your chance to join these amazing volunteers. The only requirement for volunteering at the Mega Sale is a willing heart. A wide smile won’t hurt none, either. No special skills are needed. It’s as simple as that. Whether you are a pre-teen, retired or in-between you are not only needed, but greatly welcomed. Whatever bit of effort you contribute goes a long way toward a successful Mega Sale. Your work will not only benefit our neighbors, but the charities and other social agencies that benefit those in less fortunate circumstances. Help us move OUT for the World by volunteering for this year’s Mega Sale! Get more information on how you can help here.

Ron Bergerson is a long-time Prince of Peace member. He regularly volunteers with the Mega Sale as well as several other ministries, including interviewing and writing about members of the Prince of Peace community. 

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