Beginning a Prayer Practice

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winter candlesJanuary is a time for new beginnings. It is a time to look at the past year and think about what went well for you. It is also a time to look at the past year and think about things you would like to do differently in the new year.

Our congregation is focused on moving Up, In and Out with God. One of the ways we can grow in our relationship with God is through prayer and meditation. Both prayer and meditation sound so simple, yet it can be hard to commit or find time to make them happen in our lives.

Isn’t it strange that we KNOW that our faith increases and our relationship with Jesus grows when we pray and meditate, but often we find it the last thing on our to-do list? I have struggled in my life with making prayer and meditation a priority. When I met my friend Barb, I shared my struggles with her. Her guidance and her persistence have helped me to make prayer and meditation a top priority in my life. I will share with you some of the suggestions that she shared with me.

When you begin to meditate, make it short, 5 – 10 minutes. If you are like me, I found myself peeking at the clock to see how much time had gone by. Barb suggested that I set a timer on my phone or Kindle for the 5 – 10 minutes, then I wouldn’t be tempted to check the clock. I also added different sounds for the time on my kindle. I had apps that sounded like rain, or the ocean or birds. This really helped me to settle my mind.

I read several devotions each day. One is called, “Girlfriends in God” it comes to my email Monday through Friday. I also read from the book “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young (you can get it at Costco). This is a daily reading that is written from the perspective of Jesus talking right to me. I also read a chapter of the Bible and a psalm.

These practices have helped me to grow in my faith and my trust in Jesus. My days are so different when I am practicing these spiritual disciplines. I am now at a point that when I miss a day of prayer and meditation my whole day seems off.

If you are interested in growing in your spiritual disciplines we have great resources on our website and a wonderful staff that will walk with you on your Journey.

Pastor Sandy

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