What Does This Faith Community Expect of Me?

When you join a health club you pay your dues and expect certain goods and services. But the Church is different. Scripture teaches that we are the Church. We come together to grow in faith and encourage one another so that we can impact the world with the love of God revealed in Jesus. In order to live well together and accomplish the mission we’ve been given there are five things we ask members to commit to:

Grow spiritually

Make weekly worship a priority. Worship God with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength. Practice hospitality and get to know the people worshiping around you. Welcome others. Invest daily in your spiritual life through practices that nurture your soul with God’s love and presence. Discover lots of resources to help in your spiritual formation.

Grow relationally

Consider joining a small group. We’ll help you make one of your own based on your interests. God’s love often comes alive for us in healthy community! And for the health of this faith community love generously, forgive freely, encourage frequently and refuse to gossip.

Ask for help when you need it

We want to walk alongside you when you’re going through challenging times. We’d love to pray for you and be the presence of Christ in the midst of your pain. Please call the church office or fill out a Connect Card (found in the Sanctuary or at the Welcome Desk) so that we can respond. Find more information about our Spiritual Care ministry here.


If you are a senior who needs a little extra help, check out our Love Your Neighbor program. We’ll partner you with a volunteer who can assist with transportation to church or a doctor appointment, doing light yard work, or allowing a caregiver to get a little respite time.


If you are experiencing a difficult time making ends meet and need assistance with food, clothing, help with a job search, or even dental care our Mission Outpost has compassionate volunteers who would be honored to walk alongside you.


Find at least one place to invest your time, your gifts and your heart in service to others. While there are lots of opportunities to serve on our campus it is equally important for disciples like you to serve in the wider community. Let’s take God’s love outside the church walls and into the world!

Practice financial generosity

Generosity is an important part of expressing our gratitude for all that God has given us. It deepens our trust in God and shapes our discipleship. Make an annual commitment and consider becoming a sustaining giver by using automatic giving. We recommend that people begin their generosity where they can and gradually work toward the biblical practice of tithing (giving 10% of our income.)

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