A Special Word from Amy Kalsow, Director of Community Life

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Last week, one of my volunteers asked me some questions about the new lead pastor and the timeline of events ahead of us. They said to me, “I’m having a hard time with the voting piece – how do I confidently vote for someone I’ve never met and know little about?” If I had to guess, I’d imagine this is a feeling many of us are having at this time.

Affirming the recommended Lead Pastor candidate is a HUGE deal in our life together at POP. And let me be clear, I know as much as you do – I have no idea who the new pastor will be. I’ve experienced a variety of emotions myself… anxiety, excitement, frustration, curiosity, anticipation, and more. I know I’m not alone.

But in the midst of all my feelings, I am choosing to lean on trust. Trust in the process. Trust in our amazing Call Committee who have spent countless hours narrowing down the qualities we are looking for, considering choices, interviewing, and ultimately recommending a top candidate. Trust that our God has been at work in all of it, sending us exactly the right person to lead POP into our next season of ministry. And trust in our POP family to warmly welcome new leadership and embrace the exciting changes coming our way.

Transition is hard, highly emotional, and sometimes anxiety inducing but I am beyond grateful to be walking this journey with each one of you. We are Prince of Peace, we are Called to Connect, and we will navigate this exciting time, together.

Amy Kalsow
Director of Community Life

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