A Letter From Handt Hanson: Updated

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HHDear Board of Directors, Staff and Congregation,

I am writing to inform you of my intent to enter into a time of transition in my life. I have served this congregation for almost exactly forty years. In those years we have accomplished much together and I am sensing that I have done what I came here to do and the time is right for a new leader or leaders to step into the role I currently hold.

It is my intent to work with the 50th anniversary planning team and carry out the many plans for the month of October 2013 that will celebrate our past fifty years of ministry together.

Forty is such a biblical number. Essentially, it indicates completeness, and my work at Prince of Peace is complete. No words can capture the depth of love and appreciation I have for the people of this church, its staff and leadership, and the many faces and lives I’ve encountered over four decades. Kathy and I offer our thanks and gratitude for the warmth and love we have felt from this faith community throughout the years.

In Christ Jesus,
Handt Hanson
Worship Arts Director


As we celebrate Handt’s 40 years of worship leading with us, it only makes sense that we look to the future of worship at Prince of Peace. Before Pastor Jeff Marian left on sabbatical, our Board gave us their blessing to pursue candidates, which we did successfully. Pastor Jeff met, interviewed and recommended Mark Slaughter, who was the top candidate. A team comprised of Pastor Paul Gauche, Paul Dean, Bruce Becker, Kyle Pederson, Jen Cockerill, Jane Victorey and Susan Jambor also interviewed him, and Julie Klein and Gene Mickelson had an opportunity to spend some time with him and his wife, Jody. Handt and Kathy gave Mark and Jody a worship overview and they attended all four services the weekend of July 13-14.

We are pleased to introduce Mark to Prince of Peace as our new Worship Arts Director! He will join our staff mid-October 2013. Mark brings many gifts to our ministry, in his own words helping “…artists by weaving a vivid tapestry of teaching, artistry and musicianship.” Mark is a collaborative ministry partner and a strategic program developer, most recently plying his gifts at First Baptist Church in Owensboro, Kentucky. In 2011, Mark completed his Doctor of Ministry in Worship and Spiritual Formation from Fuller Theological Seminary. We welcome Mark, Jody, Mary Katherine and Wesley to our Prince of Peace family.

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  • wilson kemwe

    dear Handt Hanson , please before you retire from the ministry, please take a visit to kenya our country and pour to us your blessings from god

    take even a week here in kenya. please if you know how to play the guitor , come with it or we shall purchase one here in kenya annd play it to us
    much love from us

    pastor wilson ohuru kemwe

  • Trip Sullivan

    Never once do you mention what Handt Hanson’s role is (pastor? director of music? guitar player?). You also don’t say whether Mark Slaughter is his replacement or if he is filling a completely different role. If we’re not Prince of Peace insiders, this article doesn’t make much sense. Assume we know nothing when you write for the web. I hope this is helpful.

  • Kyra West

    Trip, I am not an insider either, but he signed the letter with his title, Worship Arts Director. This is the church’s website, so the letter is clearly directed to the clearly stated recipients. The web is used for communication in many ways, including for insiders of a group.Hope this helps you understand it clearer.

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