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Written by Sandy Rothschiller

Prayer is making a connection with God. There is no one “right” way to pray. God already knows what is in our heart. When we pray for another it is our way to express our concern for them and our way to reach out to God.

The most important thing about praying for others, is being God’s presence with them, not saying the “right” words.

Pray that God gives you the ability to be totally present to the person and ask the Holy Spirit to work through you to embody God’s love through your speaking and your listening.

When you ask someone if they would like you to pray for them, people generally feel loved and cared for. Even if you feel uncomfortable, I would encourage you to try it. The more you practice praying for others, the more comfortable you will become.

Ask the person if they would like you to pray with them about a joy or a concern. If they say “yes”, ask them what they would like you to pray for.

Have a pad and pen handy and write down their prayer concerns or joys. If they ask for you to pray for a friend or family member, ask for their name. After they share with you, ask them if there is anything else they would like you to pray for.

Then say, “Let’s pray”, take a breath and speak slowly and calmly. Address God with whatever words you feel most comfortable (Lord God, Creator, Good Shepherd…)

If you are praying for a concern, in your own words, ask God to be with the person you are praying for as they deal with that concern. You might ask that they are given courage, strength or hope or that they feel God’s peace as they go through the challenge before them. Using some of their words lets them know that you have heard them.

If you are praying for a joy or celebration, in your own words, thank God for the joy that the person has experienced.

End the prayer with a simple “Amen” or “In Jesus name we pray, Amen.”


Sandy Rothschiller is the Pastor of Spiritual Care at Prince of Peace. 

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