2022 Commitments: Oh The Places You’ll Go

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Some years ago, Dr. Seuss wrote the book Oh, the Place You’ll Go! In my 15 years in Family Ministry it has been a reliable gift to graduating seniors because the vision for the future it provides is both encouraging and deeply realistic. On the one hand, you can do anything, go anywhere, and hold the world on a string if you want to. On the other hand, there will be times of transition and those times of transition often bring you to what Seuss calls, “the waiting place.”

I would gift Prince of Peace this book right now. We can do anything we set our minds to; change the world, even! But we also find ourselves in the waiting place. Will people stay home, or come back on site? Will people start giving again, or give elsewhere? Will we be able to plan like we have in the past, or will we have to change our vision? At some level, it’s good to be in this place because it gives us perspective and forces us to clarify our vision. All of us should drink in this season. However, for those of us ready to step back into action and giving, the time is now. The movement of the body of Christ has always been a little staggered and that is true today. If you need to stay and wait, God bless you. If you’re ready to step back into generosity, God bless you, too.

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“Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

– Pastor Jason Kramme

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