2015 International Earth Day Recognition

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Earth Day was started April 22nd, 1970. Twenty million people in the United States participated in events throughout the country, gathering in 10,000 high schools, 2,500 colleges and 2,000 communities to support environmental protection. It has been celebrated every year since and has expanded to over 190 nations worldwide with 4,500 organizations and more than a billion participants taking part.

Creation Care videoThis year, the Creation Care small group of Prince of Peace celebrated this event the 45th anniversary of Earth Day with two special events.  These events captured the importance of using clean sustainable solar energy as a sensible means of reducing our dependence upon fossil fuels in our homes, at work and where we worship.  God has directed us to be good stewards of the gift of the physical world.  Restoring, preserving and protecting our environment is not only important to us, our children and grandchildren but also to those who are yet to be born.

The first event, “Learn about Solar Energy for Your Home and Community, “ was held on April 12th. Home owners Lisa and Ross LaMothe shared their journey in installing solar panels on their home to gain energy independence.  They were followed by Mike Plutowski, the Energy Services Representative from Dakota Electric who informed us how Dakota Electric is supporting residential solar.  Trevor Drake of Clean Energy Resources Team (CERT) also provided vital information about the prospects of solar community gardens as an alternative for home owners.  Sean Gosiewski, Executive Director for Alliance for Sustainability was also on hand to answer questions relating to using Solar for those Xcel energy customers that were on hand.  A lot of positive information was shared and those who attended gained a new awareness of this expanding energy source.

Creation Care discussionThe second event, held on April 19th, was the film screening of “The Journey Hope.”  Robin Riley’s recently finished film documented how the Minneapolis congregation Mayflower United Church of Christ courageously forged the path to become energy sustainable by 2030.  It showed how faith organizations can tackle climate change issues and forge a new path for building sustainable communities of hope and promise.  The video was very inspiring and the discussion following, lead by its’ Director, provided hope for all of us.

The Creation Care Group meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. across the parking lot at the Ebenezer Care Center in the Learning Resource Center. We are passionate about our stewardship of God’s creation and in restoring our earth for generations to come.  Contact Curt at carlson77@aol.com and Chris at nyatikadi@gmail.com with questions.  More detailed information can be found on our website at http://popcreationcare.blogspot.com/.

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