2015-16 Family Ministry: Are You In?

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FM for storiesby Jason Kramme

I’m happy to announce that you don’t have to wait for a distant future to start seeing evidence of our newly adopted vision. Next fall, from top to bottom, you will see a Family Ministry that has taken many small – and a few big – steps towards the future of ministry we hope to create as a church.

Here are five things we’re really excited about:

The Parent Arc There are a lot of unique stages and situations along the arc of parenthood that often leave us looking for help. Starting next fall, you’ll be able to easily find, learn about, and get connected with ministries for parents through an online tool we’re calling the “Parent Arc.” Instead of having to search all over Prince of Peace, or all over the community for help being a parent, we’ll pull all the best resources together for you.

Coordinated Ministry Family Ministry will step into the planning process used to create the direction for worship and ministry at Prince of Peace. As a result, you will see a tremendously useful amount of crossover in content and supporting activities that will tie the family together without disregarding kids’ and adults’ unique ministry needs. Our hope is that this move allows you to use what you’re learning and experiencing in worship to build your kid’s faith formation.

Ministry Where Students Are One way to get water to a village would be to send people with buckets back and forth. Another way is to dig a well in the village so the water is readily available all the time. We are partnering with local schools and an organization called Campus Faith Clubs to do something similar with campus ministry in the schools our students attend. Next fall when your student walks into weekly student ministry, they will be able to find out what ministries are happening at their school as well as how to get connected. In the rare cases there isn’t a group on their campus, we’ll partner with them to get one started. While we know we have a great time at Senior High Ministry (SHM) each week, we know that ultimately the memory soon fades into the busyness of school. So, what if we could send SHM to school?

Easier Wednesdays Student Ministry will happen in the Worship Center and Children’s and Family Ministry will take place in the Christian Life Center. ! e students will get all the space and horsepower that the Worship Center has to offer and moms, dads, and little ones can keep their coats off while they enjoy dinner, choir, childcare, small groups, and Parenting Tools all in one building.

It’s Only the Beginning As we speak, there is an entire Implementation Team dedicated to answering a key question posed by our newly adopted vision: “What does it look like for us to bring hope and wholeness to children and teens in our community?” They are meeting with doctors, teachers, counselors, mental health professionals, and others to help us chart a path into the future that will help Prince of Peace revolutionize the way ministry is done.

I tell you that to ask you this: Are you in? If ever there was a time to “get on board,” this was it. Please, as soon as you’re done reading this, show us that you and your family are “in” by visiting the Family Ministry page and registering for Family Ministry 2015-16. Once you do, find Prince of Peace on Facebook and post a picture of your family with the caption “We’re in. Are you?” to invite others into our journey to 2029!

God Bless.

Jason Kramme is the Family Ministry Director at Prince of Peace.

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