Live in the Resurrection!

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river crossing with stonesby Polly Bergerson

Every year we are privileged to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We are invited to LIVE IN THE RESURRECTION!

The forty days of Lent, a time spent in reflection have passed. It is time now to reflect on our own journey; we repented for the pain we are in and the pain we have caused. We remembered the darkness and sorrow of the crucifixion and we worked toward the hope of being Easter People to LIVE IN THE RESURRECTION!

I ask myself what this means for me and have come to the conclusion that Jesus Christ would not expect me to live in the depths of his death but to rejoice in the life we received through his resurrection. We are invited into an extraordinary life filled with a relationship like no other. Through Jesus Christ, we received the free gift of grace — God’s forgiveness — as we approach each day in prayer we receive an invitation to carry God’s love to all who cross our pass.

Jesus called us; it was personal; He paid an incredible price to give us the gift to LIVE IN THE RESURRECTION! Therefore, we are able to live each day filled with love and pass on that love to those around us; we can live each day walking in His footsteps; we can see life open like a blossom around us; we can let the unexpected bless our day; we can lean on the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that our eyes are open to the world God wants us to see. Remember, Jesus does not call us to live in the darkness of His death or to live in fear of what may never happen.

As you reflect on your life as a Christian can you see the growth spurts throughout your life? Do you recognize times of struggle and the gifts you received as you healed? Are you thankful for the lives of your children, grandchildren, siblings, friends and extended family that care for and love you? Do you remember how they have graced your life? Do you take the time to hold them up in daily prayer and ask God to meet their daily need? This is how we LIVE IN THE RESURRECTION!

Because we are Easter People we do not have to live in the fear the disciples experienced because we are lucky enough to know the end of the story. Even in the midst of our own fear and sadness, we can look to the promise of the empty tomb. We are able to LIVE IN THE RESURRECTION!

LIVE IN THE RESURRECTION as you step into the rhythm of the grace Jesus died to provide and dance with the Spirit of your soul to live well in God’s Kingdom today!

Lord, thank you for the seeds you planted as we bloom in your garden of life. Amen

Polly Bergerson is a member of the Spiritual Care Team at Prince of Peace.

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