Family Ministry at Prince of Peace is a place where families of all kinds can come to connect UP with God, IN through Community, and OUT for the World. Our ministry is divided into three core sections:

Young Families (pregnancy to age 3)
Children’s Ministry (age 3 to grade 5)
Student Ministry (grade 6 to 12)

Parent Equipping | Small Groups | At‐Home Discipleship | Camps & Trips | LeadershipService/Volunteering | Worship | Keeping the Promise

2017‐18 Family Ministry Registration (age 3 to grade 12)

By August 15: 1 child: $55  |  3 or more: $140
After August 15: 1 child: $70  |  3 or more: $175
Child care and/or Choir only: donations appreciated

We have many exciting opportunities planned for next year, including a combined Children’s choir, additional time for parent small groups, and a single Wednesday family worship. See below for details and to register!

Scheduling Notes

Next year we will offer our “Kids” and “Praise” choirs together into one Praise Choir on Wednesdays at 5:15 – 5:55 pm and Sundays at 10:50 – 11:30 am. We hope that this change will allow families to stay together on Wednesday nights and allow for families that can’t attend on Wednesdays to still participate in our amazing children’s choir. Joy Choir will continue to meet on Sundays from 9:00 – 9:40 am.

We are thrilled to be able to offer a more robust midweek worship experience for families. We will host one midweek worship service from 6:00 – 6:40 pm in the Family Room that will provide more opportunity for new things like baptisms, communion, special guests and more of our favorite worship elements like songs and skits. Sunday morning large group will continue from 9:55 – 10:20 am in the Family Room.

Providing areas where parents and caring adults can connect is one of our top priorities in our next season of ministry. On Wednesday nights we will offer organized small group times as well as organic spaces for parents to connect before and after worship while kids are involved in groups of their own. Sunday mornings will also feature similar opportunities during choir times before and after large group.

Parents of kids in both elementary and middle school or high school ministry will have the opportunity to connect during Student Ministry worship in a specific group for parents of middle and high school students. We will host a social space where the younger kids can connect until Student
Ministry worship is over.

The graphs above show an overview of what ministry will look like in the fall. As always, if you have questions or ideas for how we can improve, contact Jason Kramme, jkramme@popmn.org.

Within each ministry area you and your children can expect to focus on these core strategies:

Parent Equipping

Along the road of parenting two of the best phrases parents can hear are “me too” and “how to.” That is why from the moment you are expecting to graduation day, you can find parent equipping experiences that connect you with other parents in your situation and wise counsel when answers to common problems seem out of reach. Parenting Tools on Wednesday nights or Sunday mornings is a great place to begin.

Small Groups

Life is better when we do it together. Whether your child is in preschool or in high school, we will partner with you and other parents to surround your kids with peers who will know, care, and pray for one another. Then, to lead and shape those small groups, we’ll invite caring adults – just like you – to journey with our kids.

At‐Home Discipleship

At Prince of Peace, we believe that faith that sticks starts in the home. To support you in creating a legacy of faith in your home, we provide easy‐to‐use resources, practical training, and programs that support and reinforce the ministry in your house.

Camps and Trips

In order for Jesus to teach the disciples some of their greatest lessons, he had to take them for a walk. Sometimes it is necessary to have a change of scenery for us to have a change of heart. That is why we offer camps and trips for families of every age (and students!).


Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders. From “greeters” and “thank you‐ers” in their Vacation Bible School small group, to worship leaders and campus ministry leaders in Student Ministry, we invest a lot into creating leadership opportunities for kids.


One of the ways that we give back to God a portion of what we’ve been given is by offering our time and our talent. Parents and kids alike can find serving opportunities at every level of our ministry that fit just about any skill‐set and schedule.


At the core of everything we do is the desire for our families to have a deeper connection to our Savior, Jesus. We have created worship environments for families, kids, and students that provided such an opportunity in relevant, age‐appropriate ways.

Keeping the Promise Family Experiences (KTP)

Central to your child’s baptism are the promises that we make together to raise him or her as a child of God. Keeping the Promise Family Experiences are annual opportunities for Prince of Peace to partner with you in making those promises into reality.

Jason Kramme
Family Ministry Director