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View the latest information on the Land & Building process to date. This page will be updated regularly. All architectural drawings are conceptual. Please email with questions or leave a comment below.

One Church capital campaign: 645 families have committed $5.35M with total participation of 799 families giving to the campaign | Updated October 19, 2017

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Board of Directors Action

[October 19, 2017]

On October 10, our Board of Directors approved the building plans and site layout for our construction project.

Construction has not yet been authorized, but the Board has given our architects the go ahead to create construction drawings for the first phase of the project. The alternative worship space may or may not be built in the first phase of the project, but it will be included in the drawings. The board set an overall construction cost cap of $11M for this complete phase, and the construction drawings will reflect that budget.

Once drawings are completed and the construction bidding process is done, the Board will decide the final scope of the first phase. All decisions on construction, including actual phasing and approved costs, will be based on our ability to handle the costs. Final capital campaign commitments and the bid prices will be considered in a decision to move ahead.


Latest Round of Architectural Renderings

[September 21, 2017]


Site plan

Front entrance

Celebration Hall

Outdoor worship stage



Memorial Garden

New Architectural Renderings

[September 6, 2017]

Here are the latest images from our architect! These are not final yet, but we’re getting closer and should have final designs soon.

Site plan:

Outdoor worship:


Main entrance:


Outdoor play area:

Fire pit/patio area:

Exterior stucco/cedar:

Mission Outpost/Common area:

The hub/lobby:

Building Footprint Video

[July 19, 2017]

Now that you’ve gotten a sense of what the inside of the new building might look like, take a look at the actual size of the building footprint. We’ve painted a yellow stripe on the ground around the new addition. Check it out the next time you’re here!


 One Church Fly Through Video

[July 14, 2017]

This video from the architects shows the new Worship Center design. It is a great opportunity to see the way all ministries will be gathered under one roof and the flexible and efficient use of space. Colors, finishes and other details are yet to determined.

Watch as Pastor Jeff walks us through.


Final Site Plan

[June 15, 2017]

The final site plan has been approved by our Board of Directors. In this final version the outdoor worship area and the fire pit/patio area have been flip-flopped to ensure a larger area for outdoor worship attendance.

Final Schematic Design Concepts

[June 6, 2017]

The following conceptual images were presented at our final schematic design meeting on May 31. There was consensus from our group on building layout, exterior look and materials. The Board of Directors will be asked to approve the plans so that the architects can move into the design development phase. These plans are conceptual until they are approved by Board. Important construction decisions will be made in the coming weeks and will be guided by the level of financial support from our capital campaign. If you have not yet made a commitment to the One Church capital campaign, please do so at or use a commitment card found in the Sanctuary or at the Welcome Center. A contribution in any amount will help pave the way for future generations to experience the love of Jesus through Prince of Peace. Gifts of stock, Charitable IRA Rollovers, or even in kind gifts of building materials or volunteer labor are gratefully accepted – please contact Jane Victorey at or 952-898-9313 for more information.

“We see beautiful landscaping as we arrive, driving through a parking lot that is easy to use.”

“We see a church that is colorful, full or light, brightness and warmth with a welcoming entrance and stained glass.”

“We walk into an inviting, sunlit, welcoming space with lots of windows and the aroma of fresh brewed coffee. People of all ages and backgrounds are laughing, talking, and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.”

“In the Sanctuary, we hear the music, we feel the Spirit, we are filled with hope, peace and wholeness.”

Capital Campaign Update & Concept Site Plans

[June 1, 2017]

As of May 31, 2017 514 families have committed $4.75M to the One Church campaign! We’re well on our way!
Many families have not yet returned a commitment card. It is especially important to have the commitments in as soon as possible. Critical decisions on construction timing need to be made soon, and the level of financial support from the capital campaign will inform how much of the project can be tackled initially. Our leadership is committed to only taking on as much of this construction project as can be handled in a financially responsibly way. If you have not yet returned your commitment, please do so soon! You may make your commitment online at or find a commitment card in the back of the Sanctuary or at the welcome desk.

Land & Building Update
Our Land & Building team and key staff members provided more input on layout and building materials at the third schematic design meeting with our architects from Cuningham Group Architecture. We have agreement on general layout and building flow, the overall site plan and consensus on the direction for the exterior design and building materials. After our final meeting at the end of May, our general contractor will provide initial cost estimates based on this design work.

The addition to the east side of our Worship Center will provide new CDLC Preschool classrooms, a 300 seat chapel/alternative worship space, a large commons, and offices/family ministry space. Renovated areas of the current Worship Center will provide a larger Mission Outpost and Dental Clinic (in the current CDLC space), kitchen space, new child care area, additional administrative/family ministry spaces, and a renovated, reoriented Sanctuary with practice rooms, offices and new sacristy. The site plan includes a new CDLC playground, outdoor worship, and designated space for a columbarium.

The Board of Directors will review the proposed schematic design and associated cost estimates in early summer. The next phase of more detailed design will move forward upon Board approval.

Below are the latest graphics from the schematic design work. Please keep in mind that these are still concept plans and are not finalized. As always, please email with questions or leave a comment below.

Updated Site Plan

[May 10, 2017]

Our architects updated our site plan and continue to work on building layout. The site plan is still in progress and shows concepts of how landscaping might be designed for our campus. This plan shows the addition moving further south from what had been proposed in our initial concept plans. We have utility easements along the north end of our Worship Center, and this layout allows us to construct without moving those utilities, saving significant costs. The square footage of the new addition remains the same, and shifting the addition south allows us to create a playground on the north end of the addition.

Construction Schematic Design Work

[May 2, 2017]

Cuningham Group Architecture is in the schematic design stage of their work on our construction project. During this period, staff and the Land & Building Team are meeting to further define how the addition and new building orientation will meet ministry needs in the future. At the end of this stage we will have defined building flow and layout, determined how spaces are used and shared, and identified room locations with preliminary selection of major building systems and construction materials. New building diagrams will be available soon with updated site layout and plan designs.

Members of our Land & Building Team and several Board of Directors members interviewed construction firms to bring on a General Contractor early in the process. Wenck Construction was selected and approved by the full Board of Directors. They have extensive experience in Burnsville, Savage and Prior Lake, and with a number of church and school projects for both new and renovated space. Wenck will provide a construction budget at the end of the schematic design work.

Recently a dozen consultants toured both buildings to understand our ministry needs today and what new space could accommodate in the future. They are working on electrical systems, plumbing, mechanical, technology and security, structural systems and landscaping in our new and renovated space.

We anticipate wrapping up schematic design in June, and Cuningham Group will move forward into design development, which will include detailed layouts of all rooms, sizing, engineering and construction detail. Our general contractor will provide an updated construction budget based on final documents from design development. Next steps will be construction documents, bidding, and building permits, with construction beginning in spring 2018.

FAQ: Part 3 of 3

[March 27, 2017]

We’ve been collecting questions over the past several weeks in regards to the Land & Building process and will be answering them in a series of three posts. We are wrapping up our series with questions about financing.

Before moving forward, will there be an announcement defining what has been pledged to the One Church capital campaign and how much debt will be necessary to complete the project? How much debt will we take on and how will it be paid off? Lay out the plan on how the financial plans will work – like we saw at the early meetings; we also want to see more specific plans before we make a commitment.
Yes there will be an announcement of pledges, and ongoing communications about our finances. The Board of Directors will need to give approval at various stages of the project. There will be an announcement of what has been pledged by the end of May. We will have more firm construction numbers in July, which will allow us to make good financial decisions about how much of the project may be accomplished right away. We have capacity for approximately $3.5-$4M in long term debt, without impacting resources for ministry. This capacity would cover both principal and interest payments, so that there is a plan in place to repay that debt. Some debt may be covered by lease of the Christian Life Center building, or the sale of that building may pay off some additional debt. The balance of the construction approved would be covered by capital campaign contributions. The Board is committed to not taking on more debt than can be responsibly handled.

What will really determine the correct size of the facility?
Our architects will work closely with ministry leaders to identify the space needed for ministry today, with flexibility for the future, and how efficiencies may be found through sharing of space. There are many space efficiencies from simply being in a single facility.

Will the design of the new building happen concurrently with fundraising or after?
The design work is going on right now. We anticipate this phase of design development to be completed in July. At that point we will know what commitments have been made for the capital campaign and the Board of Directors can make decisions on how much of the project can be undertaken at this time. Once this is approved, the architects will begin working on construction documents.

How many giving units could possibly participate in the capital campaign?
We have over 1,500 households with recordable contributions. We will be encouraging families without a giving record to step into generosity with the opportunity to support such a tangible project. In addition, there are hundreds of families who have a connection to Prince of Peace but are not active members of the church at this time who will be invited to participate. This includes Mission Outpost volunteers and CDLC families who are not otherwise connected to Prince of Peace, and people who have been active members who have moved, but still have a heart for the ministry here. This project will be so transformative for our congregation that support may go much wider than a typical capital campaign.

What does the Board of Directors think we need to raise to make this project a success?
Ideally we’d raise enough in this three-year capital campaign that we could complete all of the work in a single phase. That would allow us to transition more quickly into one building, and could save over $1M in inflationary construction costs. This project, though, would be a success even if completed in two or more phases. The construction project will not only move all ministries under one roof, but will upgrade the current Worship Center building to greatly extend the life of the structure and replace all of the mechanical systems. It will enhance our Mission Outpost and create a welcome gathering space and clear front door. This is work that needs to be done, whether done all at one time, or taken on as we can responsibly afford to do so.

What are the key dates throughout the capital campaign? Are there deadlines for the committed costs?
We are committed only for architect/consultant fees for schematic design and design development work, which should be completed in July. The One Church capital campaign has already launched with communication pieces and extensive groups of volunteers. Commitments will be brought to worship the weekend of May 6-7 and announced May 20-21 with the first offering also being received at that time. This provides plenty of time to evaluate our financial resources before committing to the extent of construction at this time.

Can money donated to the Foundation be used for construction fundraising to allow corporate giving benefit?
Corporations that need to distribute funding to a non-profit that is not a church may deposit those funds in Foundation B, which is a separate federal tax ID number from Prince of Peace. However, it needs to be clear to them that funding will be used to support ministry of Prince of Peace.

Will Prince of Peace need to have all the funds for the total project cost committed by donors and lenders before construction can begin?
We will need to have all of the financing finalized prior to any construction, whether this project is done as a single phase or multiple phases. We will understand the total level of commitments prior to construction decisions being made. We are already working with lenders on construction and permanent financing and know that we are in a financial position to get favorable terms and have the capacity to borrow all that we’ll need.

How much do we need to raise up front to start the project?
Actually, it’s the reverse that we need to consider. The amount raised up front, plus the debt capacity we have in our operating budget will determine how much of the project is started. The more that we are able to raise the more of the project we will be able to tackle in a first or single phase.

What happens if we don’t get the appropriate commitments?
We still have several million dollars in capital upgrades that need to be done in the Worship Center, whether capital campaign dollars are committed or not. The Worship Center needs roof replacement, all HVAC systems replaced, and window, door and stucco repair. The parking lot and lot lights need to be replaced. This capital campaign not only would support the transformation of our space and bring ministries under one roof, it would also provide for upgrades of what we currently have to be best stewards of the resources that prior generations invested in for us.

FAQ: Part 2 of 3

[March 20, 2017]

We’ve been collecting questions over the past several weeks in regards to the Land & Building process and will be answering them in a series of three posts. We are continuing our series with questions regarding ministry.

Are there additional services that Mission Outpost will offer in a new space (i.e. continue finding new needs to meet – latest is dental clinic)
All of our ministry areas have been asked to plan space for future needs, as much as is known today, along with flexibility to adapt to needs we haven’t yet identified. In the near term we anticipate the ongoing work of Mission Outpost to continue, but in more efficient, welcoming space.

How will CDLC be affected? Will the remodel affect school year of CDLC? Will CDLC be open in the summer?
CLDC preschool should see little or no impact in the next school year. The addition would be constructed first, with limited impact on the preschool program. Remodeling of preschool space would ideally be completed in the summer. Space would be available in the new addition or even in the Christian Life Center if needed.

What ministries will be affected by the construction process? Will it be necessary to cut programs?
All ministries would continue during construction. The architectural firm and all of the potential general contractors have extensive church construction experience and understand how to stage the work around our ongoing needs. Those who lead our ministry areas know that we will need to be flexible about use of space, but intend to continue all of God’s work that we do together.

How is $14-$17M going to impact people in poverty; children; seniors?
Ongoing ministries will continue as planned. Funding for new and renovated space will come from capital campaign contributions, current capacity in the budget for debt and potential lease or sale of the Christian Life Center building. We would not take on more debt than we could responsibly handle. Resources will continue to be available for our vision work. Our new space would provide a more welcoming presence for those in need, and a more efficient Mission Outpost to serve the community. New and renovated space for Family Ministry will provide greater technology to enhance learning and worship. The building will also provide easier access and wayfinding for seniors. The enhancements to the functionality of the Mission Outpost will be the most direct impact for all three categories.

Whatever happened to the concept of the “missional church?”
“Missional Church” is the idea of creating groups of 30-40 people, especially young adults, who would live intentionally UP with God, IN through Community & OUT for the World. Several pilot groups were established at Prince of Peace, but none of them thrived. We determined that it was not a functional model to build upon, but the concepts we learned in the process have been invaluable to growing our small group ministry…which is thriving.

Today when we talk about “Missional Church” we are focusing upon the whole church, as well as each small group and individual disciples, seeking to live UP, IN & OUT.

Would we worship somewhere else during the transformation process?
There are no plans to worship offsite. For a short time we may find an alternative site on campus for worship, if needed.

FAQ: Part 1 of 3

[March 13, 2017]

We’ve been collecting questions over the past several weeks in regards to the Land & Building process and will be answering them in a series of three posts. Today we are starting with questions regarding facilities, staff and scheduling.

What will happen with the Christian Life Center building?
The Christian Life Center Building will continue to be used during construction, providing ongoing ministry and administrative space, as well as providing alternative space as needed for Worship Center activities during construction.

How can the work be accomplished without seriously disrupting our current activities and membership?
Construction would begin with the addition to the Worship Center, allowing us to use most of the rest of the space in the Worship Center building, even during construction. We are blessed with alternative space in the Christian Life Center (CLC), if needed during construction. Phasing of construction will be carefully planned to minimize impacts on ministries. Because the addition would be completed first, it will provide additional ministry space, along with the CLC building to give ample space while other parts of the Worship Center are being renovated.
Special care will be given to the timing that may impact CDLC, so that preschool may continue uninterrupted during the school year. Likewise, work on the Sanctuary space will be planned around our liturgical schedule. Completion of the new addition as the first part of our construction will provide alternative chapel space that may also be used for worship during the main Sanctuary remodel.

The trees have grown – can we make the cross tower taller?
Landscaping is a part of the new construction work, and may impact what is planted near the Cross Tower. The tower still extends significantly above the current trees.

Will there be security cameras?
There will be a number of technology upgrades with construction, and upgrading security will be a part of those changes.

Questions about the kitchen appliances for CDLC and youth pizza night, etc.?
We have heard a strong desire for more efficient, upgraded kitchen space, and have shared this with the architect. We have also discussed what needs to have proximity to the kitchen for most effective use of the space.

Will staff grow or will we lose staff?
There are no immediate plans to change staffing levels. Our new space, though, needs to be designed to accommodate different needs in the future.

Why was everything said “all about us”?
For nearly a decade we have emphasized our mission of focusing outward on the needs of the community. More recently we have also sought to focus on the spiritual formation of each disciple so that our service in the world comes from a heart deeply connected to Jesus. We have invested very little time or resource into our facilities in the last decade. While our outward focus will certainly continue, the physical needs of our campus are also important tools for this Body of Christ to accomplish the mission we’ve been given. In addition, little of what happens on our campus is “all about us.” We regularly host events that address the needs of the larger community, such as the school district, Fairview Health and various support groups. And while our Mission Outpost is available to serve members of Prince of Peace we, along with The Salvation Army, serve all of Dakota County.

Are we going to have a space where our retirees can come to play games like sicklebill, badminton, volleyball and then have an adjacent “sticky” space where they can socialize?
If funds were available it would be wonderful to have a gym space for kids and adults of all ages, but given the scope of the current project and the financial resources that we anticipate being available, we believe that a better option is to share space with other community partners such as the YMCA.

Building/Capital Campaign Timelines

[February 27, 2017]

May 2016 | Architect Selection: Cuningham Group

June-Sept 2016 | Pre-Design and Master Planning: Cuningham Group led meetings with core groups and leaders among all ministry areas to identify basic space needs, create a facilities vision statement and determine a final building option

Oct 2016 | The concept plan of 25,000 SF addition and WC transformed through extensive remodel was presented to Board of Directors for its recommendation to the congregation

Dec 17-18 2016 | Congregation votes to approve project with 94.4% support

Jan 10, 2017 | Board of Directors approves moving into schematic design/design development with Cuningham Group

Feb 2017 | Architect/Staff Interviews: Ten meetings were held between architects and staff to identify ministry needs for building usage, square footage and shared spaces, proximity to others, hours of use, occupancy, technology and administrative needs. This work is bringing the 30,000 foot conceptual phase into more detail

Feb 2017 | One Church capital campaign launch

Mar 2017 | General Contractor Selection: Five construction firms will be interviewed in early March to choose a General Contractor

Spring 2017 | Schematic Design Work: This will include preliminary building plans, sections and elevations. Also includes preliminary selections of major building systems and construction material, including consideration for environmentally responsible design alternatives. Initial cost estimates made to confirm that the schematic design is on budget.

April 2017 | Commitment cards to be mailed to all households, with an invitation to pray about how to support the construction that will facilitate our ministry today and build a legacy for future generations.

May 6-7, 2017 | One Church capital campaign commitment weekend

May 21-22, 2017 | Announcement of One Church capital campaign pledge totals, bringing of first gifts for campaign.

Summer 2017 | Design Development Architectural Work: Diagrammatic layouts of building systems, layout, room sizing, interior design, engineering and related items, documents including plans, sections, elevations and construction details. Materials overview and estimate of cost of work; budget established for estimated cost of work.

July/Aug 2017 | Board of Directors evaluates One Church Capital Campaign response, responsible borrowing capacity and budget for estimated cost of work. Board needs to determine if project is completed in one phase or the scope of each phase if done in multiple phases. Board needs to approve moving into Construction Documents work and approve budget for the estimated cost of work.

Fall 2017 | Construction Documents & Specs: Development of drawings and specifications in detail; bidding and procurement information; update on cost of work.

Winter 2017 | Construction bidding, Board of Directors approval needed on bids submitted; building permitting

Spring 2018 | Construction period begins

Spring 2019 | Construction complete, dependent on scope of project and number of building phases

Ready – Set – GO!

[January 23, 2017]

For over two years teams of disciples at Prince of Peace have been praying, evaluating and conversating (yes, I just made that word up) about how to best steward our land and buildings to accomplish God’s ministry. And now, after all of the praying and preparing, we’re on the move. It’s like training for a race and finally crossing the starting line. These are very exciting times!

The Transformation Plan that was overwhelmingly approved by this congregation is going to create more functional, efficient and flexible space. It’s going to give new life to our current space, building on our legacy and being good stewards of resources. It’s going to dramatically improve our welcome to the community and provide greater space for relational connection. And it’s going to bring all of our ministries together under one roof. The project is going to bless ministry today and for generations to come.

While our architects are busy with next-level planning, we are now engaged in launching a capital campaign to fund this endeavor. We’re calling it the One Church Campaign: One Church, One Vision, Under One Roof. I anticipate that this campaign will be every bit as successful as the No Debt Know Mission Campaign at deepening our faith by stirring us to greater generosity.

This week in the mail you’ll receive a special newsletter that will tell you more about both the construction process and the One Church Campaign. Please make the time to read it. In addition to keeping you informed I hope this special newsletter will also challenge you to continue praying for this process. Pray that God would make the way smooth, and give discerning wisdom to those who are making important decision. And begin to pray now, not just about what God is calling you to give, but how God might use this as an opportunity to grow your faith. At the end of the day this process isn’t about buildings or dollars; it’s about ministry and our trust in the abundant goodness of God.

Thanks for your partnership in ministry!

Pastor Jeff Marian


Prince of Peace Votes in Support of the Worship Center Transformation

[December 18, 2016]

On the weekend of December 17-18, 717 members of Prince of Peace voted with 94.4% support on the proposed construction project that would create 25,000 square feet of new space and transform our existing 60,000 square feet in the Worship Center. There were 677 yes votes and 40 no votes. The vote authorizes the Board to, “Commence a construction project for an addition onto the Worship Center building and significant remodel of the existing Worship Center space. Such project will only be undertaken if the Board finds that adequate financial resources are in place to support the construction.” 

The Board gathered in the afternoon of December 18 to receive the vote. At the next regular Board of Directors meeting in January, the Board will evaluate the level of support from this vote, discuss potential financial support for this project and consider next steps. This is the earliest date the Board would take action on authorizing the next phase of architectural design work.

Key steps in the timeline:

  • Evaluate the congregation’s level of support for the construction process
  • Evaluate indicators on financial support
  • Engage the architectural firm on the next phase of schematic design, development and construction documents
  • Staff and ministry lay leaders provide significant input and evaluate final design
  • Launch a capital campaign and evaluate the level of financial support
  • Engage the architectural firm to bid out the construction project
  • Accept the construction bids and authorize construction to begin

At each step in this timeline, the Board has an opportunity to re-evaluate this project, change timing, or phase the project differently to ensure that our highest needs are met and it is financially responsible.

This Transformation Option will address these key priorities:

  • A single building with all ministries under one roof and greater accessibility for all ages
  • A new face with a clear front door, a large welcoming area to gather, and easy wayfinding
  • More welcoming and efficient space for Mission Outpost
  • More flexible and multi-functional space
  • More effective space for Child Development and Learning Center (CDLC  preschool)
  • Energy efficient and financially responsible to be best stewards of our long term resources

This project will significantly extend the life of the current Worship Center. It will bless future generations with a facility that meets the needs of the present and the future as we live into God’s vision for Prince of Peace. Thank you for your participation in this important work. We ask for your prayers as this discussion continues.

For ongoing information, be sure to keep visiting this blog.

Prince of Peace Board of Directors

Congregational Vote: This Weekend!

[December 12, 2016]

THIS WEEKEND we will come together to hold an historic congregational vote at all worship services regarding our proposed building plans (Saturday at 5:30 pm, Sunday at 8:00, 9:45 or 11:00 am). All members 18 years of age or older are encouraged to participate. You must be present to vote.

We will be counting the votes as they come in and will communicate the results on Sunday afternoon, December 18. The results will be sent via eblast (if you don’t currently receive our weekly update email or if you’ve unsubscribed in the past, you may subscribe at the bottom of our home page). We will also post the results on the Prince of Peace facebook and twitter accounts as well as an update on this blog.

If you do not have internet access, you may call the church office at 952-435-8102 during regular business hours, Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, to inquire.

These are exciting days at Prince of Peace! See you at worship this weekend!


Congregational Vote: December 17-18

[November 28, 2016]

On the weekend of December 17-18 we will hold an historic congregational vote at all worship services regarding our proposed building plans (Saturday at 5:30 pm, Sunday at 8:00, 9:45 or 11:00 am). The motion we will be voting on is:

Authorize the Board of Directors to commence a construction project for an addition onto the Worship Center building and significant remodel of the existing Worship Center space. Such project will only be undertaken if the Board finds that adequate financial resources are in place to support the construction.

Notice that this is not a mandate to build. It authorizes the Board to move forward as resources become available. While a simple majority of affirmative votes is needed to approve the motion, the Board of Directors will require a significantly higher percentage of affirmative support before moving forward.

All members 18 years and older are encouraged to participate in this important vote. If you are uncertain about your membership status please contact Sandy Bradee ( Our constitution does not allow proxy voting so you must be present in worship to cast a vote.

These are exciting days at Prince of Peace. God is writing a new chapter into our story, and we’re all invited to co-author it!


Report From the Land & Building Forums

[November 21, 2016]

Yesterday we wrapped up our eighth congregational forum to discuss the proposed building option for Prince of Peace. The Land & Building team came to consensus on a Transformation Option that will add 25,000 square feet of space to the east side of the Worship Center and heavily remodel the current 60,000 square feet in the Worship Center. The Board of Directors unanimously recommends this option to the congregation as the best option to meet our ministry needs in the future while being good financial stewards of our resources.

The congregational forums focused on a description of the project and the key outcomes that would enhance ministry with the new and transformed space. Broad financial information was provided on estimated costs of the concept plan, whether the entire project was completed in one phase or two. Completing the project in two phases lowers the financial risk, but may add over $1M to the project cost if construction costs continue to rise by 7% per year. A review of potential revenue sources was also identified, including current debt capacity, one or two phases of a major capital campaign, and potential lease or sale of the Christian Life Center building to finance debt or construction costs.

The costs presented were based on construction firms’ estimates of the concept plan and building footprint. These costs ranged from just under $15M, for a single-phase project to $17.5M if we need a two phase project and use the entire $1.5M contingency built in. These numbers include construction, consultants, interest and closing costs, capital campaign costs, furnishings and equipment, parking lot resurfacing and new lot lights. These cost estimates also include the $2.5M in capital repairs that would be needed in the Worship Center whether we move ahead with this construction option or not.

An estimate of $16.8M and a two-phase project was used as an example to project financing needs. Potential financing has been identified to cover the construction cost through current debt capacity, capital campaigns and lease or sale of the Christian Life Center. We have capacity for $3.5M in new debt built into our budget. We would anticipate raising more than $9M through one or two capital campaigns. Annual revenue from leasing the Christian Life Center could support payments of $4M or more in additional debt.

There are several points during the process that we can stop to evaluate costs and financial resources before committing to the project. The congregational vote on December 17-18 will indicate the level of support to move ahead. Construction bids would confirm the project coming in within projected costs and the congregation’s capacity. A capital campaign would be launched in the spring, and the level of support for that appeal would provide another checkpoint on the feasibility of moving ahead with construction. At each of these points the Board would have an opportunity to evaluate and reorient a project to ensure that we’re best stewards of all of our resources. There are many ways to phase the project to ensure that the congregation does not take on excessive financial risk.

The building plans that were presented at the forums outlined the proposed building footprint and conceptual layout. Architectural renderings of the concept plan were presented to give a flavor for the type of facilities we could have with an addition and transformed space. The exact details of interior design have not been finalized. The core concept will be presented for approval by the congregation during worship on December 17-18. You must be present to vote.

The level of design work to provide exact detail is very expensive, and involves architects, consultants in mechanical, civil and structural engineering, and a general contractor. We would not move ahead without a vote by the congregation on the concept plan and building footprint. The staff has already weighed in on workspace and ministry needs, as have members of Land & Building teams that worked over the summer and fall. There would be more extensive work among staff and ministry leaders to ensure that needs are best met in the final design.

Thank you for your participation in the Land & Building forums. Many questions were asked on details that can’t be answered at this time, but have been recorded and will provide us additional input if we move ahead with this project. Some questions focused on building access, including ramps, family bathrooms, elevators, escalators and way-finding. Accessibility was a key goal with new construction and will be addressed if we move forward.

Questions were raised about outdoor worship, energy efficiency, kitchen space, and storage (garage). These have all been discussed within the Land & Building teams and among the staff and will be considered in final design.

Further comments focused on ministry needs: Mission Outpost, CDLC, Mega Sale, large recreational space for family ministry, worship space and the organ. We have input from all of these ministries, and final design would include more work with all ministry areas to best meet everyone’s needs within new and transformed space.

There were a number of questions raised about process and timeline. The Board of Directors will need to see an adequate level of support in a congregational vote in order to move forward. That percentage of support has not yet been identified, but will need to be considerably higher than 50% for a project of this scope. If the Board finds that the level of support is high enough, and the financial resources are identified to support the construction, then construction could begin in July 2017 at the very earliest. All ministries would continue during construction. We have multiple options for where to worship, how CDLC operates, and how other areas function during this time. Much of the Worship Center building would be accessible during most of construction, and we have the use of the Christian Life Center during the building process.

A capital campaign would be launched in the spring of 2017. It would be a three year capital campaign, with a second phase, as needed, coming right afterward for another three years. The focus of the campaign will be to finance the construction of this Transformation Option. If this project should not proceed, then the focus of the capital campaign would be to raise the funds necessary to handle the capital upgrades that would be needed without new construction, and would perhaps fund a few of the improvements that could address some of the shortcomings of our current buildings. The campaign would be launched regardless of the outcome of the congregational vote and action by the Board of Directors on whether to move ahead with new construction or not.

Financial questions that were raised centered on the cost and availability of bank financing, the value of the Christian Life Center to lease or sell, other capital upgrades needed for the Christian Life Center, when we’d see more detailed numbers and the general level of financial support by our families. Two banks and the Mission Investment Fund have been in consultation with us and assured us of our capacity to borrow the necessary funds and provided current interest rates (though rates won’t be locked in until construction is complete). We have some capacity for additional borrowing through current margin in the operating budget, as well as other revenue that has not been part of our operating budget. This borrowing would have no impact on the current support for ministries.

Our Christian Life Center (CLC) building could be leased once most or all of the functions move to the expanded Worship Center space. Lease revenue could then support some additional borrowing, again without impacting the financial support for ongoing ministry. We could ultimately lease out the entire building, though only leasing a portion of the building was used in financial projections to be conservative with estimating revenue. We would very likely use the expertise of a management company to handle any leasing. Ultimately we may wish to sell the CLC building and use the proceeds to finance construction. Capital upgrades are identified in the CLC over the next few years, and those could be phased in only as needed, until final decisions are made for the building. The value of the CLC will be determined at the time it would be put up for sale. At this time we have an appraised value that would more than support the portion of construction it would need to cover.

Our congregation generously supported the No Debt! Know Mission! capital campaign, which was launched during a severe recession, during turmoil in the denomination and was used for debt reduction. $4.5M was raised for that campaign. We would anticipate even greater support for a capital campaign for a construction project that would support greater ministry and move us into God’s vision for our future.

Concerns and wishes expressed at the meetings have been documented and will be added to the notes for the next phase of architectural work if the project moves forward. If you have comments or would like more information please email and continue to visit the blog for the latest updates.


How Will This Project Be Financed?

[November 17, 2016]

This is a critical question, and one that we do not take lightly. It is very important to us that we are good stewards of our financial resources and do not take on any debt without a plan in place to pay it off.

The estimated construction cost of the Transformation Option is $13M, including a 10% contingency. Consultants, architects, furnishings and equipment could add up to $3M. This project may be phased over more than 3 years, which could add $1M to construction cost in a second phase, depending on the support of an initial capital campaign. These are approximations based on cost estimation from a construction firm with experience in church construction. These estimated costs include the $2.5M in capital upgrades that will be needed in the Worship Center whether we choose new construction or stay in existing space.

Financing Options
$3.5M Debt that could be covered by capacity in our operating budget and other revenue

$5-$9M+ Potential range of a new capital campaign

$4M Debt that could be supported by lease of 60% of the Christian Life Center, at minimum projected rates

$4-$6M+ Phase 2 of capital campaign, if needed

$TBD In kind gifts, grants, and building efficiencies provide additional revenue or increase capacity for debt

Capital Campaign
If the congregation votes to affirm the Board of Director’s recommendation on December 17-18, a capital campaign will likely be launched in the Spring of 2017.


What Can I Do?

[November 15, 2016]

Pray – Pray for wisdom and guidance for our leadership, for a spirit of unity in our church, and give thanks for the abundance that allows us to dream about our future!

Stay Informed – Keep up to date with what’s happening by reading the monthly Direction and this blog, which will be updated regularly.

Provide Input – We are the Church, so our input and participation matters! When leadership asks (and even when they don’t) share your thoughts and perspective. Email

Vote – On December 17-18 a congregational vote on this project will be held during all worship services. Voting is limited to members 18 years of age or older. If you are uncertain of your membership status, please contact Sandy Bradee at You must be present to vote. This will be an historic occasion!

Spread the Word – Share the excitement of what God is doing at Prince of Peace with your friends and neighbors. Invite them into our life together.

Worship Center Transformation

[November 10, 2016]

The Prince of Peace Board of Directors tasked a Land & Building Core Team to evaluate options for our campus that would support ministry far into the future. How might new or reconfigured space open doors to greater ministry and provide best long-term stewardship of our resources?

On November 1, 2016, the Prince of Peace Board of Directors unanimously recommended construction of an addition to the Worship Center building and extensive remodel of the current space. The construction project recommended by the Board of Directors and to the congregation is to completely transform the existing Worship Center and add an approximately 25,000 square foot addition. When complete, all ministries would move from the Christian Life Center building, which could then be leased to help finance construction costs.

Key priorities that this Transformation Option addresses:

  • A single building with all ministries under one roof
  • A new face with a clear front door and large welcoming area to gather and build relationships
  • More efficient space for Mission Outpost
  • More flexible and multifunctional space vs. the very small classrooms we currently use
  • More effective space for Child Development & Learning Center (CDLC)
  • Easy wayfinding and greater accessibility for all ages with a more efficient layout
  • Energy efficient and financially responsible to be best stewards of our long term resources

This option provides the greatest stewardship of resources of the building options that were evaluated. It reuses space, saves cost on construction, has less impact on our land, preserves our parking lot and uses existing underground utilities. Energy efficient upgrades will lower energy costs and care for God’s creation. Shared spaces will allow greater collaboration for ministry and efficient use of our square footage. Our second-floor sanctuary will be accessed by a grand staircase from a large gathering area, providing welcoming space and clear wayfinding to worship. A new, larger and more accessible elevator will also provide greater access to the second floor.

This Transformation Option extends the life of our current structure, honors the legacy of our past and keeps our presence and visibility as a beacon for those in the community.

Land & Building Forums

[November 2, 2016]

You are invited to attend 1 of 8 identical informational forums. A presentation will be given outlining the Worship Center transformation concept, followed by a Q&A.

In the Community Room:
Monday, November 7 at 7:30 pm
Tuesday, November 8 at 7:30 am
Wednesday, November 9 at 1:00 pm
Sunday, November 13 at 9:30 and 10:45 am

In the Family Room:
Wednesday November 9 at 5:40 and 6:40 pm

In the Chapel:
Sunday, November 20 at 10:45 am

Board Unanimously Recommends Worship Center Transformation

[November 2, 2016]

On November 1, the Prince of Peace Board of Directors unanimously recommended construction of an addition to the Worship Center building and extensive remodel of the current space.

We have been evaluating our facilities and long term ministry needs over the last several years, and in June hired Cuningham Group Architecture to help us evaluate options and provide alternatives.

Our top priorities are:

  • Bring all ministries under one roof
  • Provide a completely new face and welcoming front entrance
  • Create easy wayfinding to the sanctuary and greater building accessibility for all ages
  • Design more effective space for Mission Outpost
  • Construct flexible space that meets current and long term ministry needs
  • Design large open multifunctional space for greater hospitality and community
  • Ensure long term stewardship of resources, extending the life of our Worship Center
  • Invest in energy efficiency for care of God’s creation

The construction project recommended by the Board of Directors will add approximately 25,000 SF to our Worship Center and completely renovate the original 60,000 SF of space. When complete, all ministries would move from the Christian Life Center Building, which could then be leased to help finance construction costs.

This recommendation will come before the Congregation for a vote during worship services the weekend of December 17-18. Voting is limited to confirmed members of Prince of Peace who are at least 18 years old. There is no proxy voting allowed by our Constitution and Bylaws. If you are unsure if you are in our records as a confirmed member please email Sandy Bradee at

Please join us for the announcement in Worship on November 5-6.

Final Core Team Discussion

[October 6, 2016]

A group of people representing a cross-section of the Prince of Peace community completed their work on land and building options to present to the Board of Directors. The architects brought updated plans for a Transformation Option and New Building Option, along with updated cost estimates. New in the mix is an Addition Option, which adds square footage to the Worship Center, but does not transform the existing space. This can be seen as either a complete project, but more likely as an interim step to the Transformation Option. Pros and cons were discussed for remaining in our current building vs. brand new construction. Also on the table was the option to remain in two buildings and invest in the $4.5-$5M in capital repairs, with perhaps additional investment to make the buildings more functional.

Pros for the Addition or Transformation Options include reusing all of our existing space in the Worship Center and greater energy efficiency than we currently have because of exterior work on one or two sides of the building, along with a new roof. Both of these options would provide about 85,000 square foot of total space with a clear front door and welcoming hospitality space. The cost would be significantly lower than a new building, and all ministries would be under one roof. These options would retain our legacy with the original building. Cons include the sanctuary remaining on the second floor, working with our current building geometry, and continuing to use an older building. A new staircase and elevator would be included to make wayfinding and access to the sanctuary clearer, and updates would provide longer life to our current structure.

The New Building Option would provide a fresh start in a new location on our current parking lot. It would be designed with efficiency in both building flow and energy usage. The sanctuary would be on the first floor, off of a large main entryway. Cons are that the building would be nearly 20% smaller than the Transformation Option with a significant increase in construction cost. Much overlap of ministry in the space would be required. More extensive construction would be needed in our parking lot to hook up to city utilities. It would require two or more phases to complete the project, and we would own three buildings in the interim. The Worship Center would eventually be demolished. There are options to add on to a new building if more space is needed in the future.

The Land and Building Core Team came to consensus at this meeting on an option to present to the Board of Directors. The Board will have a special meeting on October 18 at 5:30 in Room 200 of the Christian Life Center Building and the architectural firm will present the option to the Board and take questions and comments. The Board will be asked to approve the recommendation at their regular Board meeting on November 1. Any building option will require congregational approval, with the vote likely on the weekend of December 17-18.

The Core Team consisted of more than 30 disciples and well represented every swath of ministry. Discussions were extensive and respectful, with great thoughtfulness for the ministry needs of Prince of Peace long into the future and best stewardship of all of our resources. A genuine spirit of unity, along with a concern for our financial health and passion for our future, marked each of our gatherings. We are so very grateful for the thoughtfulness and faithfulness of this group of disciples.

Please note: The Core Team has reached consensus, but nothing has been approved yet by the Board of Directors. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

Called to Connect Weekend Announcement

[October 2, 2016] written by Pastor Jeff Marian

About two years ago we launched a new vision at Prince of Peace to become The Connecting Church, a body of Christ committed to collaboratively providing hope and wholeness to all people south of the river, with special focus on children, seniors and people in poverty.

As we began to live into that new vision we also began to think about how to best steward the 23 acres and 2 buildings that make up our campus. Both buildings are aging and in need of significant repairs that are estimated to cost between $4-5 million, and so we began to wonder aloud if repairing these buildings was our only or our best option as we consider our future.

I’d like to show you where our wondering has led us:

This whole process has been challenging, revealing and incredibly fun! So, let me fill you in on the latest:

About a month ago our architects came back with designs for four options that were presented to the core group. All four designs were exciting but the initial estimates for all four projects came in significantly higher than anticipated and more than we felt we could wisely manage financially. So, we sent them back to the drawing board, but just a couple of weeks ago they brought two more innovative and exciting designs. Both designs address the majority of our core objectives and are financially feasible.

So, what’s next? Here’s the tentative schedule:

  • On October 6 our Land & Building Core Team will come to consensus on a final recommendation to our Board of Directors.
  • On October 18 our Board of Directors will hold a special meeting to pray about and discuss that recommendation.
  • Then, at the November 1 Board meeting the Board will vote on the recommendation.
  • During the first few weeks of November we’ll be holding open meetings for the entire congregation to gather, hear, discuss, question and give input.
  • Depending upon how those conversations go we could have a congregational vote on the recommendation as early as the weekend of November 26-27.
  • If there is an affirmative vote on November 26-27, and if all the stars align…we could break ground on that project recommendation as early as June 2017.

But remember, this is a tentative schedule with a lot of “ifs.” The leadership of this congregation is more interested in doing this right than doing it fast!

In the meantime, I would ask you to pray – to pray for the Spirit’s wisdom and guidance. We want to make decisions that are going to honor God and bless this ministry for generations to come. I would ask that you stay informed about upcoming open meetings and participate. Your input matters and it’s needed. We are Prince of Peace together.

I want to leave you with four quick thoughts that I think are important as we move forward together:

  1. No final decisions have been made. Your input still matters in this process.
  2. Many faithful disciples have been prayerfully involved in this process. The recommendation that they bring forward will be the one that they believe will be in the best interest of God’s ministry here at Prince of Peace, both for tomorrow and for future generations.
  3. Our financial health has been a key factor in this process. We’ve spent a lot of time, energy and resources getting financially healthy again. Six years ago our debt maxed out at $4.45 million. Today, thanks to God’s grace and your generosity, our new debt total is $488,000. We’ve worked hard to eliminate that debt because it was hindering ministry and there was no plan for paying it off. Any debt that we incur moving forward will be for the purpose of moving ministry forward and will include a sustainable plan for repayment.
  4. Anxiety is normal. It’s a natural response to change and uncertainty. Let’s help one another.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

Options Discussion

[September 22, 2016]

A group of people representing a cross-section of the Prince of Peace community, along with the Board of Directors, continued the discussion about the options we have and best long-term stewardship of all of our campus. Two updated proposals were brought by Cuningham Group Architecture for input and discussion, calling them “Transformation” and “New Building” options.

The Transformation option would use all of the existing square footage of the current Worship Center, along with an addition to bring all ministries under one roof. This plan was far less invasive of the outer structure and could be accomplished at a more affordable cost than the option we considered in September to renovate and add on to the Worship Center. This latest option does not allow for a main floor sanctuary, but would provide a single entry, large welcoming hospitality space and clear wayfinding to a renovated second floor sanctuary. The building would have improved energy efficiency and all current capital updates needed would be included in the total construction project.

The New Building option would site a building on the northwest corner of our upper parking lot with a smaller footprint than the Transformation option. The space would be require more overlapping of uses, but would be efficiently designed and include a main floor sanctuary. The cost of this building is at least 25% more than adding on to and remodeling the Worship Center. With this option the current Worship Center would likely be demolished as the new building would be completed.

Still on the table is the option to remain in two buildings and invest in the $4.5-$5M in capital repairs, with perhaps additional investment to make the buildings more functional.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

Four Important Things to Remember

[September 19, 2016] written by Pastor Jeff Marian

We’re in the midst of a very exciting season in our life together at Prince of Peace. We’re discerning how to best steward the resources that God has given us. What will bless God’s mission and ministry and the generations that come after us? Here are four things that I think can help us along the way.

First, no decisions have yet been made. I’ve heard rumors that the decision as to what to do with our land and buildings has already been made. While we have much more information today than we did six months ago, no decisions have been made. It is our hope that in the next few months the Land and Building Core Team will bring a recommendation to the Church Board which will, in turn, bring a recommendation before the congregation. Only after an affirmative vote of the congregation will a decision have been made.

Second, lots of faithful heads and hearts have been part of the process. While many people have given input into the process, a group of about 35 disciples representing the diversity of our congregation (the Core Team) has been at the center of the discernment process. Before a congregational vote is held there will be additional opportunities for the entire congregation to speak into the process. Everyone’s input is both welcomed and valued.

Third, the final recommendation will reflect good financial stewardship. We have worked diligently together over the past 8 years to put Prince of Peace into a healthy financial position. Any recommendation made will seek to preserve that good financial health well into our future. Because our debt has been significantly lowered we now have ample options before us. It is possible that the final recommendation brought before the congregation will include incurring new debt, but if that is the case that level of debt will be manageable, will not impact current ministries and will include a clear plan for elimination.

Fourth, anxiety is a natural response to uncertainty and change. We are in a season of uncertainty and so I would expect to sense a bit of anxiety in our faith family. In fact, I would be concerned if I didn’t sense some anxiety. A lack of anxiety would indicate a lack of care or engagement. So let’s all breathe deeply, pray boldly and help one another along the way. We have big challenges, opportunities and perhaps changes ahead of us, but we worship a bigger God who is faithful and has guided us every step of the last 51 years. That’s why scripture encourages us over and over again with these words, “Do not be afraid!”

Site Discussion

[September 1, 2016]

A small group of people representing a cross-section of the Prince of Peace community continued the discussion about the land and the site for our building. The consensus from group was to explore options on our current site, either where the Worship Center is now or somewhere in the adjacent parking lot.

The architects provided very general diagrams depicting raw square footage, proximity of ministry uses within the building, and orientation of buildings on various site options. The group discussed the pros and cons of each building orientation: what worked well for collaborative ministry and what site provided the best long-term options for our congregation.

Construction cost estimates were received just prior to the meeting, and initial estimates came in above what had been anticipated for all options. Highest among the estimates was a complete renovation of the existing Worship Center with a ground-floor sanctuary and extensive impact to the outside structure. Still on the table is the option to remain in two buildings and invest in the $4.5-$5M in capital repairs, with perhaps additional investment to make the buildings more functional. The committee agreed that more information is needed with further cost refinement from the construction estimator, along with a reevaluation of our options and opportunities. This is just the initial stage of cost estimation and there are many opportunities to create well-functioning facilities and steward our resources well.

The Land and Building Core Team will be meeting in late September and early October to discuss new information and further options. The board of Directors will continue their discussion on this process at the October Board meeting, along with a special Board meeting scheduled for October 18. This schedule provides the opportunity for the Board to approve a recommendation to the congregation as early as the November 1 Board meeting, and the congregation to vote on the recommendation by the end of this calendar year.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

Land and Building Public Meetings

[August 19, 2016]

All Prince of Peace members were invited to a roundtable discussion about the land and building topics covered below on August 7 and 17 in the Community Room. The architects were present to answer your questions. All of the questions and comments were consolidated, and explanations were added. Q&A Responses – August 2016 (pdf) Cuningham Group Presentation – August 2016 (pdf)


[August 10, 2016]

A core team of 30 including staff, Board members and those who volunteered their construction, engineering, technology or other skills began a discussion about the land and the site for our building. Pros of remodeling and adding on to our current building or putting a new building on our current site included a potential (though not certain) cost savings and cons included a major disruption of worship and work over several years which could affect membership and programming.

Pros of moving to the parking lot area near Ebenezer included not having to purchase land, being closer to our neighbors, and shielded from Nicollet Avenue. Cons included design limitations created by the proximity to Ebenezer, sound restrictions for outdoor worship, and the potential that the building would become surrounded or hidden if placed too far north.

Pros of moving to the corner of Nicollet and McAndrews include an ability to incorporate the tall trees into the design, creating a more “natural” space than we have now, and an ability to remain visible to two major roads. Cons include the uncertainty of what could be built on that lot and the cost of grading and infrastructure.

Other considerations in this equation include sun angle, traffic flow, parking, required buffer zones, etc. No decisions have been made yet.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

Block Party

[July 28, 2016]

A four hour workshop was held with a group of 60 people including members of the Board of Directors, key staff and lay leaders representing every swath of ministry at Prince of Peace, along with those with construction expertise who stepped up when volunteers were requested earlier this year. This group was given blocks representing the square footage of worship, community/outreach, administration and small groups/education hopes for the new space.

Participants consistently found working with the existing footprint frustrating. In both exercises, participants consistently placed a large entry / community space adjacent to the worship space. There was consensus that the pathway from parking to worship needs to be efficient and short. There was disagreement about the number of levels in a new space, and which programs would be best suited for an upstairs or downstairs.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

Precedent Images

[July 14, 2016]

A core team of 30 including staff, Board members and those who volunteered their construction, engineering, technology or other skills was invited to look at 120 images of churches, schools and other public spaces in an attempt to identify what we mean by “welcoming.” Extremely modern images were largely rejected as “too cold,” while extremely traditional images were largely rejected as “not us.” Participants responded well to images with windows, trees and natural light, ample outdoor space and a camp-like feel. There was a lot of discussion about whether we continue outdoor worship, or whether we include windows in the sanctuary.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

Basic Space Needs

[June 30, 2016]

A core team of 30 including staff, Board members and those who volunteered their construction, engineering, technology or other skills was invited to discuss basic adjacencies and space programming. There was an overwhelming desire for the worship space to be on the ground level, for a more obvious main entry, and more welcoming community space. There was some disagreement about the need for a chapel an alternative worship space.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

Facility Development Statement

[June 15, 2016]

A group of 60 people representing a cross-section of the Prince of Peace community was invited to discuss our biggest hopes for the new space. This team included members of the Board of Directors, key staff and lay leaders representing every swath of ministry at Prince of Peace, along with those with construction expertise who stepped up when volunteers were requested earlier this year. Together we wrote a Facility Development Statement to guide the project forward:

“Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is a delightful and efficient facility providing space for worship, caring for those in need, celebrating art in all forms, sharing meals, spiritual formation, and ministering to all ages. The facility welcomes, encourages and invites all into a spiritual environment where community service is commonplace. Our engaging spaces are flexible, expandable, accessible, acoustically appropriate, sustainable, filled with natural light, and enable connection in individual or group settings. The creative use of natural materials, integrated technology, mobile furniture, and multipurpose space reflects our mission of welcoming in and inspiring out, while integrating into our natural landscape.”

This statement will evolve as the process continues.

Architects Chosen!

[May 4, 2016]

The committee unanimously chose Cuningham Group to work with us on our land and building needs. Find them here:

They were chosen because of their multi-disciplinary approach to our project. If we want to give future generations an efficient building that stewards the earth and our financial resources well, we need to do something different. But what?

That is what the next phase is about: distilling which parts of Prince of Peace are most important, which physical spaces can be combined or blended.

Congregational Round Table Discussions

[February & March 2016] Members of the Land & Building Implementation subcommittee held several roundtable discussions. Members of the Prince of Peace community had a chance to ask questions and discuss the different options being considered for our buildings as we move into our vision.

This is an ongoing conversation. There will be more chances to ask questions and share your thoughts.

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  • Mark Radde

    After all the effort from the Congregation to pay down the older debt, the new costs of at least $13 million seems more than needed and quite extreme in terms of the overall scope. Is that really the best way to spend scarce resources? How confident is the leadership team that the appetite is there for the congregation to take on this large amount of debt?

    • Jeff Marian

      Thanks for joining the conversation Mark, and for your thoughtful question. We did indeed invest a lot of time and money into paying down our debt in the last few years. The debt we were carrying was hindering ministry and there was no plan for repayment. The success of the No Debt! Know Mission! campaign has opened doors of opportunity, including the land and building opportunity that we are considering.

      At a minimum our 40 year old buildings will require $4.5-5 million just to bring them up to operational level. The Land and Building Team, along with our Board of Directors, believe that investing that much into current infrastructure without addressing the challenges our current buildings present to ministry, will force the next generation to deal with the very decisions that we’ve wrestled with in the past year.

      The proposal that we’ll vote on in December addresses many of our facility concerns and extends the life of the Worship Center. Based on our current debt capacity, what our capital campaign consultant believes that we can raise, and the income from the lease or sale of the Christian Life Center we believe that the proposal is within the congregation’s ability to afford. Simply put, we believe that the proposal is good stewardship of God’s mission and ministry for today and for tomorrow. This project can be phased in such a way that the Board of Directors only approves building when the resources are available, which safeguards us from getting into debt beyond our ability to afford.

      We believe that this project is an excellent investment in Prince of Peace’s future. Based on the feedback that we received at the recent series of open forums we believe that there is broad support for the project, including financial support. And we feel confident that the proposed financial plan is feasible. We won’t, of course, know any of that with absolute certainty until after the vote on December 17-18 and the subsequent capital campaign in the spring. Our commitment is to preserve the financial health of Prince of Peace by only proceeding when funds are available.

      If you need further clarification or desire more detail, please let me know. – Pastor Jeff Marian

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